So we help Ambitious Kombucha Pioneers develop amazing products and grow their business.


Our clients are all different… 

Some are starting a company from scratch or looking to launch a kombucha range under their existing brand (White Labelling). 

Others want to scale up and solve problems with their production processes or bring in business expertise to help guide them through business growth. 


How we do it...

Process & Business Consulting

We bring together the very best technical and business expertise to solve the biggest challenges faced by all kombucha companies. Quality, Compliance, Growth & Scale.

We can help you design your perfect Kombucha product, streamline processes, provider co-packing partners and scale up your production efficiently.

We also provide business consulting services to guide your business strategy, focus plans for growth and provide leadership, guidance and connections to funding.

Kombucha & KEFIR ConcentrateS

Kombucha & Kefir are relatively new products but the market awareness is growing fast. In response to customer demand we distribute authentic Kombucha & Kefir concentrates to help passionate entrepreneurs and brands scale up their production and ensure they have a stable, low sugar, no alcohol and delicious product every time. Full support and assistance is provided with all concentrates.

PROFESSIONAL Workshops & Training

At Good Culture, we have a mission to offer solutions and empower people to take charge of their products and create local and sustainable economic drivers. Our short courses are designed to demystify the hidden secrets of kombucha production and build a community of producers and passionate kombucha supporters around the world.


Our Team


Denis kelleher


Denis gained his passion for Kombucha many years ago while living in Australia and has been hooked ever since. With a background in marketing, distribution and business management he has been well placed in helping some of the worlds most exciting and well known kombucha brands do great things. He is passionate and driven to put something good out into the world and loves helping kombucha entrepreneur big and small succeed. He is also a big lover of good food and can be found experimenting with fermented Sauerkraut and Kimchi at his home in Somerset.


Sebastien Bureau

Mr. Fermentation

Sebastien is always busy concocting something or other. Since a young age, he has devoted many hours in the kitchen, experimenting with ingredients and exploring flavours & techniques. With a background in Chemistry and Biology, Seb has continually honed his passion for Food Science. He spent several years as VP of R&D for a major Kombucha company (Canada’s largest) and played a critical role in its growth phase. He is also the author of the book "Fermentation Revolution". He’s the man with the plan, and hopes to extend his wealth of knowledge to producers of ecological & sustainable foods and beverages.

Mark Rose.jpg

mark rose

Sales Manager

Mark is a real asset to the Good Culture Team. He has mountains of experience and knowledge in the packing and bottling industry across Europe. He has previously been the Commercial Controller at the worlds largest bottling co-packer Refressco taking care of their major accounts. When not dreaming of Kombucha, Mark is in the pool training for this next Triathlon.


Kombucha & Kefir are relatively new product in western countries but the market is growing fast. Every day we are surprised at how many new kombucha brands are getting established. We distribute Kombucha and Kefir concentrates to help these passionate entrepreneurs scale up their production and ensure they have a stable, low sugar, no alcohol and delicious product every time. 

Our concentrates is the most efficient and cost effective way to make high quality Kombucha & Kefir, reducing your production time, saving you money, time and effort, all while making sure you will have a stable, consistent and delicious product. It's also certified organic and we can export everywhere.


Our product is a highly fermented perfected kombucha, an organic acid bank and alcohol-free. High tea concentrations and long fermentation times make this product perfect (and guaranteed) for making the best possible kombucha in your kombucha business.

Technically Speaking:

  • It is a 20 x concentrate (Typically 1 Litre of concentrate can product 20 Litres of finished kombucha)

  • It can be stored in room temperature for 6 years.

  • Density: 2.4-3.0 Brix

  • Titratable acidity (% eq. citric ac.) 4.35-4.65 %


There are basically 3 different ways to use our Kombucha Concentrate::

  • Stretching: Stretch your batch of kombucha, and lower its alcohol content. By using the organic acids bank, you can transform 100L of your own fermented kombucha to 400L with less than 0.5% alcohol.

  • Acceleration: Ferment your product for as little time as you want, 1, 2 or 3 days, then add our Kombucha Concentrate to get the acidity levels of your choice.

  • Formulation: Using the Kombucha Concentrate to bypass the fermentation on your side. Essentially, using it this way you won’t need to ferment your product, we will do it for you. As a result you will have a kombucha with less than 0.1% alcohol and very stable. Also, you can use any type of sugar and even stevia. Finally, this is the best solution if you want to produce your kombucha with a co-packer.


Our clients experiencing the best results with Kombucha Concentrate in their production have gone through a consultation process where we have co-developed their products and processes in close partnership the them. This approach has yielded fantastic results.

We Would love to talk to you about how Concentrate could help your business.

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1st & 2nd March 2019 - BARCELONA


This 2 days workshop is for anyone who wants to start or expand a kombucha business, be it industrial or craft, regardless of the scale of production, large or small. 

In this workshop, you will be provided with all the tools, knowledge and secrets to start or develop your kombucha business. We will cover all aspects of kombucha production, scaling up, some legal aspects, industrial techniques, quality assurance, production standards, recipe development, creativity and the current kombucha market. The workshop focuses on all the important points of fermentation, flavouring, equipment selection, financial and legal issues. The workshop is mainly theoretical with some practical aspects.

Students also find our workshops an amazing way to connect & network with others who are on the same kombucha journey.

“They are not just a few consultants enrolling their program, they are involved, enthusiastic, have vision, experience etc. If you want to go to the next level: take this course!”
— Wouter Steffelaar - The Netherlands
“You guys did a great job! Training was absolutely fantastic. Exactly what I needed.”
— Marius Juskys - Switzerland


Chris and Fern at Kashaya Kombucha Brewery in Barcelona have been kind enough to let us host the course at their new environmentally conscious designed brewery. 

Address: Kashaya, 130 Carrer de l'Agricultura, Barcelona, CT, 08019, Spain


The Workshop Schedule

  • It will run from 9 am - 5 pm each day.

  • A delicious healthy lunch will be provided each day.

  • There will be unlimited kombucha on tap for you to enjoy during the workshop.

  • You will receive a printed copy of the complete course material and presentations.


  • Introductions.

  • The science of kombucha: the ingredients, the composition, the processes.

  • The kombucha market today.

  • The process of manufacturing kombucha, equipment selection, operations setup, etc.

  • Scaling up production: the main questions and how to proceed.

  • What are the tools used to monitor your kombucha and how to use them. The will be some maths to cover.


  • Design your kombucha: the fundamentals of taste and flavors and how to use the ingredients.

  • Building a flavor.

  • Quality Control and Quality Assurance: Maintaining Control and Solving Problems.

  • Conclusion.


  • Each evening we will have a dinner booking made for the group at a local restaurant. The evening is optional and each attendee typically pays for their own meal. Previously we have enjoyed a fantastic evening at Flax & Kale Restaurant in Barcelona who have their own Kombucha Brewery onsite.

Spaces are limited, our last workshop in october 2018 was over subscribed, booking early is advised.


Whether you are starting from scratch or are an already a well-established entity, Good Culture can help guide you through the many facets of development, preparation and execution.

Are you looking to start up your fermented drink venture? Scale up production?  Fine-tune processes? Develop a white label product for your existing brand? We have the best solutions for you.

Kombucha Co-Packing & White Labelling

Many of our clients don’t want to own a kombucha brewery but do want to develop a brand. We have help many of these clients with designing their products and then sourcing the right co-packer to manufacture. Bringing together our teams experience we can act as a close partner to help you throughout this process.

Kombucha Production

Our Team has earned a reputation for excellence in the field of kombucha and well placed to guide you through the preliminary phases of kombucha product development, market distribution, expansion growth of production and product line expansion.

We can help you with:

  • Product/ process development

  • Implementation of the production

  • Employee Training on production process/use of tools

  • Preparation of Standard Operating Procedures for adhering to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

  • Development of the monitoring systems for production

  • Development of quality assurance system

  • Equipment research and recommandations

  • Plant design

  • Help in choosing the right raw materials

  • Help in writing up Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) plans

  • Custom and personalized accompaniment.

  • Fast and efficient solutions to everyday problems

Business Consulting

Lets be honest, the road to "success" is unclear and means something different to every business, brand or individual. This is true in the Kombucha community where new brands are popping up everyday, each with their own ideas of what Kombucha "is" or "isn't", and their own idea of how they define themselves. Some want to create the best niche artisan craft kombucha and other want to be the Brew Dog of the Kombucha world. Each of these are equally correct in their thoughts and ambitions.

We believe at every stage of business growth and development (large or small) clear focus will drive your success. Focused vision, strategy, products, market, leadership, delivery ....this list goes on. 

We realise it is sometimes hard to get clear on where you are at of what you need to do next, that is why we offer business consulting services and bring in the right experts to help guide you forward.

How we can help:

  • Strategic & Growth planning.

  • Business and /or operation plans.

  • Financial & Budgets plans

  • Grant and Funding Options.

  • Corporate & investment structures

  • Capital & Fund Raising