Lo-Bros Kombucha launch in Sainsburys UK


Earlier this year (2018) the Australian founder Lo-Bros Kombucha launched into the UK through the re branding of UK based Love Kombucha.

They are quickly gaining traction with a new appearance in the chilled aisle in Sainburys. Flavour include: Cola Kombucha, Ginger Beer Kombucha, Traditional Lemonade Kombucha & also a Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic. We anticipate this is only the start of more good things to come for Lo-Bros landing in the fridge at £2.

This move also represents positive recognition for the emerging Kombucha Category by Sainburys who seem to be leading the mainstream kombucha charge for now. 

Lo-Bros join Johnny Wilkinson's & Sainbury's co-owned No.1 Kombucha as the two kombucha brand appearing in Sainburys chilled aisle. We have no doubt other Kombucha brands will be shortly knocking on that door.