4th October 2019 - Berlin, Germany

This 1 day intensive workshop is for anyone who wants (or is considering) to use our Perfected Kombucha Culture (Manna-K) in their kombucha production process.

Perfected Kombucha Culture is used today by many of the worlds leading kombucha producers to:

  • Easily scale up their production

  • Create the highest quality delicious Kombucha

  • Guarantee their Kombucha is Alcohol Free

  • Increase Shelf Life

  • Create more quality, control & consistence in their production

  • Decrease product risk eg.. exploding bottles

  • Reduce their capital investment requirements

We are getting great results with Manna-K, really liking the ease and the stability of the product.
— Rob, one of our happy clients

In this workshop, you will be provided with all the knowledge you need to confidently use Perfected Kombucha Culture (Manna-K) in your kombucha production.  

The Workshop Schedule:

9.45am - Registration

10am - Introductions

The WHY: Manna-K: History and most common scenarios

  • Reducing risks of things going wrong

  • Rescuing a batch of unsavory kombucha

  • Stretching starter to fulfill large orders

  • Providing acidifier without the need to ferment for months

The WHAT: Explaining Manna-K

  • What is an acidifier?

  • Manna-K vs in-house acidifier

  • How Manna-K affects alcohol content, CO2 and shelf-life.

  • Bonus: Making shelf-stable raw kombucha using Manna-K.

The GRUB (aka lunch!)

 The HOW:

  • The three kombucha methods that use Manna-K:

    • Instant

    • 1-day

    • 2-day

  • Using titratable acidity to blend Kombucha/Manna-k

  • A practical demonstration of blending with Manna-K

The WHO: How existing customers are using Manna-K

  • Tasting kombuchas that use Manna-K

  • Advocate speaker

Business Case: Cost benefit of using Manna-K to make 500L and 5000L

  • Formats + cost

Ongoing Support: How our distribution network can support you ongoing.

Takeaway Information:

  • A bound A4 Printout of the complete course material

  • 5 x Winning Recipes using Perfected Kombucha Culture Manna-K

5pm - Finish

Students also find our workshops an amazing way to connect & network with others who are on the same kombucha journey.

In 2018 & 2019 we have delivered our workshop to over 100+ Kombucha companies from all over the world, from the largest to the smallest.

“They are not just a few consultants enrolling their program, they are involved, enthusiastic, have vision, experience etc. If you want to go to the next level: take this course!”
— Wouter Steffelaar - The Netherlands
“You guys did a great job! Training was absolutely fantastic. Exactly what I needed.”
— Marius Juskys - Switzerland

Who should attend:

  • Existing Kombucha Producers looking to up skill and introduce better production processes.

  • Ambitious Startups who want to gain a giant leap forward in their knowledge.

  • Any existing brands or businesses who want to get into kombucha.

  • Co-Packers who work with kombucha and fermented drinks.

  • Anyone keen to learn more about commercial kombucha production.


Betahaus | Berlin Neukölln | Coworking & Event Spaces

Address: Harzer Str. 39, 12059 Berlin, Germany


The Workshop Schedule

  • The workshop will run from 9.45 am - 5 pm each day.

  • The workshop and all course material will be delivered in English.

  • A delicious healthy lunch will be provided each day, including vegan options.

  • There will be lots kombucha for you to enjoy during the workshop.

  • You will receive a printed and bound copy of the course material and presentations.

As a professional kombucha brewer I still had lots of unknowns that were hard to figure out. The workshop helped me a lot to further plan a scale-up of our kombucha brewery. There was a very professional atmosphere all throughout the 2 days of the course.
— Wouter Vandegehuchte - Founder / Brewer, Ferm Kombucha
This workshop is a one-of-a-kind experience for anyone interested in commercial Kombucha production. Sebastien and Denis are experts in the field and will get you up to speed quickly. The workshop is well-structured and covers all of the main challenges you will face when setting up your own brewery. All of this in a relaxed atmosphere with lots of fellow Kombucha brewers!
— Rupert Hoffschmidt
Definitely, it was a valuable experience to attend this workshop with a knowledgable and inspirational team of experts, and also to have the opportunity to network with other kombucha nerds! I arrived at the workshop with questions to issues I knew, I did not know about kombucha production. The best was that I left not only with answers to these questions, but also to questions, I did not even know, I had! I left with motivation and confidence in my future kombucha production!
— Malene Sihm Vejlsgaard