Whether you are starting from scratch or are an already a well-established entity, Good Culture can help guide you through the many facets of development, preparation and execution.

Are you looking to start up your fermented drink venture? Scale up production?  Fine-tune processes? Develop a white label product for your existing brand? We have the best solutions for you.

Kombucha Co-Packing & White Labelling

Many of our clients don’t want to own a kombucha brewery but do want to develop a brand. We have help many of these clients with designing their products and then sourcing the right co-packer to manufacture. Bringing together our teams experience we can act as a close partner to help you throughout this process.

Kombucha Production

Our Team has earned a reputation for excellence in the field of kombucha and well placed to guide you through the preliminary phases of kombucha product development, market distribution, expansion growth of production and product line expansion.

We can help you with:

  • Product/ process development

  • Implementation of the production

  • Employee Training on production process/use of tools

  • Preparation of Standard Operating Procedures for adhering to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

  • Development of the monitoring systems for production

  • Development of quality assurance system

  • Equipment research and recommandations

  • Plant design

  • Help in choosing the right raw materials

  • Help in writing up Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) plans

  • Custom and personalized accompaniment.

  • Fast and efficient solutions to everyday problems

Business Consulting

Lets be honest, the road to "success" is unclear and means something different to every business, brand or individual. This is true in the Kombucha community where new brands are popping up everyday, each with their own ideas of what Kombucha "is" or "isn't", and their own idea of how they define themselves. Some want to create the best niche artisan craft kombucha and other want to be the Brew Dog of the Kombucha world. Each of these are equally correct in their thoughts and ambitions.

We believe at every stage of business growth and development (large or small) clear focus will drive your success. Focused vision, strategy, products, market, leadership, delivery ....this list goes on. 

We realise it is sometimes hard to get clear on where you are at of what you need to do next, that is why we offer business consulting services and bring in the right experts to help guide you forward.

How we can help:

  • Strategic & Growth planning.

  • Business and /or operation plans.

  • Financial & Budgets plans

  • Grant and Funding Options.

  • Corporate & investment structures

  • Capital & Fund Raising